Alejandra Moreno

Rookie (3-4-96 / Dallas, Tx.)

Biography of Alejandra Moreno

My name is Alejandra, and I'm 16 years old. I can speak both spanish and english. I enjoy all kinds of books but especial those which take you to another world that's quite similiar to the one in which I live in but with a little touch of magic and mystery. My fav authors are- L.J. Smith, Atwater-Rhodes, Stephenie Meyer, and James Patterson.
I also love to give advice to others. Although I am very young at age I know much about the world around us. Both good and bad. So don't hesitate in asking me for advice, or even just to simply talk to me about your problem- I won't think your weird or anything.
Poetry to me is a way to express my personality and the that I feel at that moment in which I write the poem. My birth day is on March the fourth. (just letting you know)
I live in Texas. I enjoy reading poetry and books. So if you want me to read your poem message me to my P.H. acount.

As I go on I'll add more to my biography so come back once in a while to look for any changes. I really do appreaciate for you to take your time to comment and rate my poems.

for any questions or suggestions e-mail me at Updates

White Magic

I can feel white magic burnig inside me
just waiting to burst out
and eager to be used

This white magic is so pure
and hard to understand
It is quite complicated

White magic natrualy comes to anyone

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