Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok Poems

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Those Born In Obscure Times

Those born in obscure times
Do not remember their way.
We, children of Russia's frightful years
Cannot forget a thing.

From The Twelve


The lads have all gone to the wars
to serve in the Red Guard ~

I Apprehend You...

I apprehend You. The years pass by -
Yet in constant form, I apprehend You.

Night, Streets, The Lantern

Night, streets, the lantern, the drugstore,
The meaningless and dusky light.
A quarter of the century more -
All fall the same into your sight!

This Night On Track

This night on track, that's single and narrow,
Passed by two shadows, void of mirth -
The two who're predestined forever
To be the poles of the earth -

Into Crimson Dark

Into crimson dark thou goest,
Thy vast orbits mock the eye.
Small the echo that thou throwest,
Far, I hear thy footfalls die.

The Artist

In summer, hot, and winter, snow-clad,
In days you bury, wed, or feast at home,
I wait for easy, never ever heard
Ringing - to free myself of devastating boredom.

All Perished, All!

All perished, all! The sun, in flame and brilliance,
As did it long before, the years' circle fulfils.
A sorrow grave deplores the past existence -
That was so beautiful - under the solemn hills.

Why, Why Forever

Why, why forever to the deadly line
I'm pushed unpityingly by blows of the Fortune?
Whether all this, including life of mine,
Are only moments of the endless torture?

Spring Breaks In Rivers

Spring breaks in rivers the ice-floes,
And I don't pity my sweet dead:
Having subdued my heights and roads,
Forgot I winter narrow lows,