Alessandra Liverani Poems

Hit Title Date Added
- Uuuiiie: : Humour

uuuiiie – that’s not fair
How can I display my fabulous flair
So you think ywkqzjx is better
Believe me, this is not a good string of letters

- The Fight: : Humour

Anastasia Bathsheba Coriolanus also known as ABC
Considered Xanthia Yolanda Zaccharius her mortal enemy
Xanthia Yolanda Zaccharius (called XYZ by her friends)
Teamed with Larissa Marissa Narissa, aka LMN


Abracadabra, wikitizam
A fresh air breather is what you am
Abracadabra, wikitizoom
Flooded with light, no longer in gloom

- Saucy Chef: : Humour

Let's get these plates out there, I said to the staff
We'll get this party of 45 fed, then I heard a remark
A stripper's coming tonight, 'A stripper' I smiled
Don't get too excited, Jesse, he's not your style

- Prisons In The Air: : Humour, Inspiration

We have all heard of castles in the air
Noone’s mentioned prisons, I really don’t think that is fair
Because prisons are much more common, lurking in our minds
We create bars of steel and walls of every kind

- Put It In The Bad Poem Section: : Humour

I’ve been told to write a really bad poem
It goes against the grain but sometimes you gotta show ‘em
That you can write the baddest, the baddest of bad
In the bad poem section, you’ve got something to add

- The Weather Report: : Humour

In Sydney today it's 20 degrees centigrade
Humidity is 94% and the light at 6: 21pm will fade
Wind blows from the north east, at 17 kilometres per hour
The moon is waxing gibbous and Monday there's a late shower

- The Red Hat: : Humour

You say her hat was red but I need more information
Was it burnt sienna, carnelian or incandescent carnation
Dark pink, hot pink or a crimson turning cherry
Or was it reminiscent of a ripening raspberry?

- Perception: : Humour, Inspiration

If you have a perception that is a deception
Then you are under a misconception
If what you see has been distorted
Then you have been completely rorted

Appearances Are Deceptive

Look at those smokers how cool they appear
They inhale so stylishly but don't you think that it's queer
That what they're inhaling is ghastly and vile
They don't seem to notice that it should be a trial