Alex Gomez

Rookie (Novermber 12,1992 / Chicago)

Biography of Alex Gomez

Considered by many to be a writing prodigy at the young age of 16, Alex Gomez exemplifies the next generation of extraordinary writers. With plenty of memorable occurrences, thoughts, emotions and ideas flowing freely through his intelligent mind, he is easily able to fuse these elements and create wonderful masterworks of literature. Utilizing a wide array of advanced vocabulary and modernistic poetic structures, each of Alex's poems possesses unique attributes. He is influenced by few and carries on the legacy as a Hispanic writer. With fear of a future overrun by anti-literature ideals, Alex Gomez will rise from the ashes and provide excellent reading material that will leave its mark on history. Updates


Outside of the doorway to normalcy,
I stand confined to a solitary existence
While society mocks me for eternity
I am merely a pariah behind the fence

An abnormality walking on the Earth,
Wandering aimlessly while their eyes stare,
Glowing with hatred since my birth,
I am the outcast who you must beware

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