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41. If I Could Be With You? 1/30/2012
42. Hush, Hush 11/23/2011
43. Love Less 11/20/2011
44. Kiss Me Forever 10/28/2011
45. Drama 10/1/2011
46. Good-Bye 11/1/2011
47. Killed Friendship 10/17/2011
48. Kind People? 2/3/2012
49. I Don'T Mean To Hurt You? 4/19/2012
50. Cry My Heart Out! 11/2/2011
51. What I Love About U 10/6/2011
52. 'My Guardian Angel' 7/3/2012
53. The One...Not! 10/1/2011
54. I Thought You Loved Me? 11/29/2011
Best Poem of Alex Lees

I Thought You Loved Me?

You said it
I listened
You meant it
I took it to heart.
You were gone the next day.
You never said Good-Bye.
I waited for you.
You never came.
I gave up.

You never call
I kissed you
It never was good enough.
I will Always love you!

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What I Love About U

Your face is so loving
When you look at me.
Your kiss is what I love the most,
Why can't you see that.

Are you mine?
I want you to be, please
But we can't be, because
We live in two different worlds.

You are from the rich
And I from the poor
I wish I could love you forever

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