Alex Lewis

Rookie (08/25/94 / London, England)

Alex Lewis Poems

41. Infamous 7/25/2009
42. Erol 7/25/2009
43. Me 8/5/2009
44. One Day 7/25/2009
45. The Red Man With The Black Shadow 7/7/2009
46. If I Died 7/7/2009
47. D-A-D-T 6/29/2009
48. Zoo 7/7/2009
49. I Am Human 6/27/2009
50. Greediness 6/23/2009
51. Lust 6/23/2009
52. I Swam Through The Land 6/23/2009
53. Some(No) Bodies 6/18/2009
54. The Noise 6/20/2009
55. Dad 6/20/2009
56. Zebra 6/27/2009
57. Black Or Gay 6/27/2009
58. Take Me Far Away! 6/29/2009
59. Life Is A Square 7/8/2009
60. Yesterday 6/21/2009
61. 2ee 6/20/2009
62. Death's The Thing 6/19/2009
63. Heshe 6/19/2009
64. * 6/28/2009
65. Paint! 6/27/2009
66. An Ode To The Heart Of Man 6/19/2009
67. Pun Intended 7/8/2009
68. Salad 6/29/2009
69. Laughing Tears 6/19/2009
70. I Don'T Want To Die 6/19/2009
71. Dead Cat 6/21/2009
72. Fate 6/23/2009
73. Strange Words Travel By Tongue 6/21/2009
74. I Accidently Died 6/20/2009
75. A Piece Of Chalk 6/27/2009
76. A Wonderful Painting 6/19/2009
77. Life 7/25/2009
78. Emotional Affair 6/23/2009
79. Life And Death 6/19/2009

Comments about Alex Lewis

  • Julie Hunter (4/23/2013 1:01:00 PM)

    Need to contact alex lewis

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  • James Lewis (6/21/2009 4:37:00 PM)

    Some of your poems are really good, but some are ok and some are plain cheese! ! mmmmmmmmmmmmm cheese: D
    keep up the good work and why dont you get some of your books/stories up?
    anyway ttyl love you alex xx
    heres my poem just for you,
    roses are red violets are blue alex i miss you! ! !

    P.S: Alex, this is sabrina just to say i think some of your poems are lovely, i especially love the 'an ode to the heart of man' one. Anyway like james said keep it up as your a natural! !

    this is jamie again the only thing your natural at is SHEEP SHAGGING! ! ilu bro! !

Best Poem of Alex Lewis

Life And Death

Life and Death
by Alex Lewis

Life was born when Death died
Death to live had tried and tried
but Life arrived smiling with glee
Death's death had set Life free
Death's funeral was a happy one
too bad that Death's death will be undone
i know one day Death will live
to Life will i not a funeral give
let tears fall when Life decides to die
in death maybe Life won't be so shy
all we can do is hope and pray
that Life will postpone that sorrowful day
and if that day will tomorrow come
Life's life and Death's death will (surely) come undone

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Some(No) Bodies

some(no) bodies
by Alex Lewis

Alone and Together met one day.
Alone made some friends, if you may.
Alone) is together(is together.
Alone's new friends are some Hims and Hers.

Alone and Together separated one day.
Together was alone, by the bay.
Alone) is together(is alone
The same difference is shown.

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