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Hey, I'm Alex. I'm 15 and am currently a student. I have never been much of a poet, but always been a great fan of English and writing. My poetry inspiration started recently, and unexpectedly. Due to a poem of mine which I had wrote in class being published ;)

Please like and share my poems, especially
I love the way
And look out for It in the
'the poetry games' book!

Thanks guys!

Email me at -

Alex ;) x
'Discover your hidden talents, with no talents'

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' I love the way' in ' The poetry games' Updates

Once In A Lifetime

Once in a lifetime, I'll see your smiling face,
Once in a lifetime I'll feel your gental touch,
Once in a lifetime ill be dilling up your phone,  
Just to tell you that It's all just to much 

Once in a lifetime I'll hear your cooling cries 
Once in a lifetime I'll see your pouring tears 
Once in a lifetime I'll see your heart falling 
All just for me. 

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