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Rookie (17/03/1992 / Sheffield)

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Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be an author and I had the imagination, just not the patience. As I got older I began to realise it wasn't a stable way to live and was rather much like the music industry in the fact that you either make it or break it so I gave up but I still kept on with my poems. Slowly as I got older I started to use poetry as more of a diary, away of getting my feeling down and sometimes almost hiding them at the same time. So I kept writng the poetry in my books along with fake letters (meaning I never intended to post them) . I've been through alot in the 15 years of my life and alot of people tell me it shows in my poetry. But I never like to actually talk about it in a conversation, I can never find the right words. But poems help me find them and in a way, having strangers from this site see my poems rather than people I actually know is alot easier. Because I don't need pity, I just need to let it out.

Alex Moore's Works:

None but I write small books in my spare time Updates


The frustration
The fear
The pressure

She drops her water and jacket into the grass
the cool summers breeze in her hair
she takes her position
and releases
the wind brushing her hair out of her face

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