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  • Robert Plese Robert Plese (12/30/2014 7:33:00 AM)

    A curious breed of poet, often fragmented, but cogent. Gives rise to multiple interpretations, and maintains a beat. I believe his writing style indicates some fascination with military history, yet also a curiosity for rap style prose. Do not attempt reading unless you are willing to take the time to ponder his style and wit. For the average reader much of it will be missed, or worse, excused as merely verbose. I chose to read Alex's poems after seeing his comment on my beloved William Shakespeare. Believing he was bold to assert that Shakespeare was not all that good of a poet, but rather a great thinker, I wanted to see what his poetry was like. I believe every poet has their value points often lacking in range. I am not sure there is true poetry, and at least there are variants of language and sound. In that, I re/commend this poet.

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Cool Brute Drum Dumb

cool brute drum dumb
classical knives high
above weeds buzz
-ed soldiers slip
though the grip
of tanks shooting
shells washing on
the sea strewn with
bodies white lime
-stones bright sun
crosses the high
-way spitting cars
for miles and mile
-s wishing to be…

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