Alex Walker

Biography of Alex Walker

I have always felt a passion to write poetry. Writing poetry helps to express all of the feelings that I bottle up, and makes me feel much better. I also enjoy writing stories, though I'm not very good at writing them. I hope to, in the future, have a book of poetry published, and a novel published.
I play the piano, alto and tenor saxophones, and I play some clarinet. I am in the process of learning violin and flute. I find that music is one of the greatest forms of expression, if you use it correctly.
I hope to one day be able to write something in the, 'Published Books, ' section on this page, but until then, I'll stick with submitting some poetry. Updates


The arms reach out from the darkness I see,
The hands stretch farther beckoning to me...
Light is gone from this place of obscenity,
Darkness goes on from miles to infinity.

This dark-lit place of no return,
Is full of things that my heart yearns.
I step closer and closer to the edge of nothing,
While remembering the face of the one I'm loving.

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