Alexa Gomez

Rookie (04/05/1992 / Los Angeles)

Biography of Alexa Gomez

I`m just like any other teenage girl. I like boys, clothes, makeup, and especailly writing poems. I`vewritten poems since I was in the 7th grade. I also play a couple intruments: guitar, piano, violin, and drums. I draw a little too. My favorite music is rock, alternative, metal (even though it doesn`t look like it) , pop, hip pop, and a little bit of rap. My favoite band is slipknot, but I like other bands too. Like, green day, all time low, shinedown, mudvayne, maroon 5, the all-american rejects, and someother bands. I hope to study police science in college. I`ve always been intrested in being a cop.I just love the thril of being in danger. Like being in high speed chases, you never know what will happen. Updates


Everyone has been
torn apart
By people,
that have no heart
They don`t care
how many others they hurt
Slowly driving them
to hit hard on the dirt
They don`t care,
don`t mind, just hide
While others they hurt,
commit suicide

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