Alexander Beebe

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Biography of Alexander Beebe

Although I have always enjoyed writing, poetry is something new for me. I started just a few months ago when I sat down to write what was supposed to be a letter to my wife expressing how much she meant to me; it came out as a poem. She encouraged me to continue writing poems and I now have 25 which I hope to put on poem hunter. I hope you enjoy them. Please give your feedback if you read one of my poems and I'll return the favor. Feedback is how we improve and grow as writers/poets. Happy Writing! ! Updates

The Feeding

The backyard trees a host to many, feathered friends who feed on plenty.
A young child’s eyes and ears in tune with what’s expected, how she yearns.
The ritual she knows too well, it’s her job to calm the swell.
A task that any one could do, but she and Rooster rule this roost.

Hand in hand they take a walk, to fill her bucket - have a talk.
A time that’s only meant for them, her mom and Gigi left to grin.
Many stops they do make around the pasture through the gate.
The feeding places

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