Alexander Beebe

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Biography of Alexander Beebe

Although I have always enjoyed writing, poetry is something new for me. I started just a few months ago when I sat down to write what was supposed to be a letter to my wife expressing how much she meant to me; it came out as a poem. She encouraged me to continue writing poems and I now have 25 which I hope to put on poem hunter. I hope you enjoy them. Please give your feedback if you read one of my poems and I'll return the favor. Feedback is how we improve and grow as writers/poets. Happy Writing! ! Updates


Weary of the fight, she put her heart upon the mantle.
Eager to embrace the solitude that has found her.
Never knowing what she’d done to be deserving of his kind.
The passage thru the secret garden is where she rests her mind.
Past the doors that mark the hallways of her thoughts.
Glimpsing in she sees the fragments of a life.
Fleeting moments that rest her weary heart.
Struggles that surround her senses, sharpened words that tore apart.

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