Alexander Beebe

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Alexander Beebe Poems

1. Painted Eagles 7/11/2013
2. Mind Games 7/11/2013
3. The Jungle 7/11/2013
4. The Whittler 7/11/2013
5. The Precipice 7/12/2013
6. The Union 7/12/2013
7. Renewal 7/11/2013
8. Of Mortal Men 7/11/2013
9. 1861 7/11/2013
10. Night Riders 7/12/2013
11. The Farrier And His Daughter 7/12/2013
12. The Fisherman 7/12/2013
13. Fire Fly 7/13/2013
14. Reflections 7/13/2013
15. Catfish & Fries 9/26/2013
16. The Yearning 9/26/2013
17. Riding Fences 11/5/2013
18. Time 8/28/2013
19. Rack'Em 12/3/2013
20. If Only In Dreams 12/18/2013
21. Simpler Times 2/24/2014
22. Some Wounds Don'T Heal 2/24/2014
23. Wind Song 5/6/2014
24. Faith, Hope & Love 5/28/2014
25. Three Fewer Trips Around The Sun 6/2/2014
26. What Sum 8/19/2014
27. Sidewalk Cracks 10/8/2014
28. Tattered Rags Or Golden Drums 10/28/2014
29. The Sojourner 11/5/2014
30. E.M.P 11/11/2014
31. The Oak And Swing 7/15/2015
32. Pirate's Demise 3/29/2016
33. His Place Among Men 3/29/2016
34. Vapor Trails And No Regrets 3/29/2016
35. Raptor Warrior 5/15/2016
36. When Least Of Them 9/19/2016
37. What Is The Age 9/19/2016
38. Betterment Of Man 10/19/2016
39. We Wouldn't Need To Whisper 4/6/2017
40. I Pray I Pass The Test 5/1/2017

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Best Poem of Alexander Beebe

The Essence Of A Godly Wife

She bares the pain and joy of this world with praise and thanksgiving.
A man chiseled by life, attempts to conquer what he has already been given.
Yet she brings him to his knees, not as to extinguish his heart,
but rather to kindle a flame so that God may know he is His own.

She knows well disappointment and pain.
The cross she bears is not of wood and nail.
Her eyes focused on the Lord she humbly gives praise
For the pain of our sins was earthly then raised.
She reminds him ours cannot compare.
He bows his head with tear for he has been fed.

A union on ...

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Painted Eagles

The sun doth rise while morning dew clings to blades of grass,
the tarmac full of painted eagles waiting for their pass.
Like birds of prey on the wire eager to devour,
the sky their highway between the earth and the heaven’s power.

The vapor trails their fleeting sign that once they passed this way,
to yonder sights of things below that gaze upon their wings.
The clouds appear as mountaintops or foam on raging seas,
horizons that appear so close continue to deceive.

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