Alexander Beebe

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Alexander Beebe Quotes

  • '''I am prone to gravitate toward my own disappointment than
    risk disappointing others. That is why I believe in God.
    I am better suited to handle the absence of His existence,
    than risk His disappointment and sadness that I never believed.'''
    Alexander Beebe
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  • ''A lone tree stands lost in the abyss of the West Texas Plains, the young man asked his father " Why only one tree? " His father responded: " The point of diminishing returns is a relative concept."''
    The beauty of the West Texas Plains
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  • ''For a man to stand on the beach and not look to the ocean in awe and wonder is a man whose soul is lost.''
    The Ocean
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  • ''What is it about railroad tracks that bid you to walk down their path? Maybe it's the allure of a new journey or greener pastures? Maybe it's the curiosity of what's around the next bend. Even if you resist the temptation, your mind always makes the journey.''
    Railroad Tracks
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  • ''What line does mankind have to cross before God decides He's had enough? Why do we keep searching for that line?''
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  • ''If we continue to navigate with our current moral compass, our destination is bound to be a colossal disappointment. Heaven's light has always given travelers direction.
    We are all travelers.''
    We are all travelers
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  • ''Don't confuse limitless with not having reached it yet. We all as humans have limits; where that point is differs for each of us. Only God is limitless.''
    Only God is limitless
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  • ''Regarding the fear of heights: is it the fall we fear the most, or the inevitable destination? Never have two occurrences been more closely linked, yet separate mind altering events.''
    Fear of heights
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  • ''I wonder when birds take wing if they do so with any type of emotion or gratitude for their gift of flight. Man has long envied such a gift, and try as we might,
    our attempt is a pale facsimile.''
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  • ''It is a foolish man that takes comfort in the failure of his adversary,
    for success is spawned from failure.
    A wise man is a student of his own failures, and prays
    the lessons learned precede that of his foe.''
    Student of failure
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Best Poem of Alexander Beebe

The Essence Of A Godly Wife

She bares the pain and joy of this world with praise and thanksgiving.
A man chiseled by life, attempts to conquer what he has already been given.
Yet she brings him to his knees, not as to extinguish his heart,
but rather to kindle a flame so that God may know he is His own.

She knows well disappointment and pain.
The cross she bears is not of wood and nail.
Her eyes focused on the Lord she humbly gives praise
For the pain of our sins was earthly then raised.
She reminds him ours cannot compare.
He bows his head with tear for he has been fed.

A union on ...

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Painted Eagles

The sun doth rise while morning dew clings to blades of grass,
the tarmac full of painted eagles waiting for their pass.
Like birds of prey on the wire eager to devour,
the sky their highway between the earth and the heaven’s power.

The vapor trails their fleeting sign that once they passed this way,
to yonder sights of things below that gaze upon their wings.
The clouds appear as mountaintops or foam on raging seas,
horizons that appear so close continue to deceive.

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