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Biography of Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Claud Cockburn (6 June 1941 – 21 July 2012) was an Irish American political journalist and writer. Cockburn was brought up in Ireland but had lived and worked in the United States since 1972. Together with Jeffrey St. Clair, he edited the political newsletter CounterPunch. Cockburn also wrote the "Beat the Devil" column for The Nation as well as one for The Week in London, syndicated by Creators Syndicate.

Born in Scotland, Cockburn grew up in Youghal, County Cork, Ireland. He was the eldest son of the former communist author and journalist, Claud Cockburn, by his third wife, Patricia Byron, née Arbuthnot (who also wrote an autobiography, Figure of Eight). His ancestors included Sir George Cockburn, 10th Baronet.

After studying at Glenalmond College, an independent boys' boarding school in Perthshire, Scotland, and at Keble College, University of Oxford, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Cockburn worked in London as a reporter and commentator.
After moving to the United States, Cockburn wrote for many publications, including The New York Review of Books, Esquire, and Harper's. From 1973 to 1983 he was a writer with The Village Voice, originating its longstanding "Press Clips" column, but he was suspended, the Voice stated, "for accepting a $10,000 grant from an Arab studies organization in 1982". His defenders charge that his criticism of Israeli government policies was behind the firing. Cockburn said he left the Voice following the offer of a regular column in The Nation called "Beat the Devil" (after the title of a novel by his father). After leaving the Voice, he wrote columns for the Wall Street Journal, New York Press, and the New Statesman. Cockburn was also a regular contributor to the Anderson Valley Advertiser.

Cockburn originally chose Irish citizenship (over UK citizenship), but in 2009 he became a citizen of the United States. He became a permanent resident of the United States in 1973. On 16 March 2009 Cockburn officially became a new columnist for the paleoconservative Chronicles magazine.

Alexander Cockburn's Works:

Incompatibles (1967) (co-edited with Robin Blackburn)
Student Power (1969) (co-edited with Robin Blackburn)
Idle Passion: Chess and the Dance of Death (1975)
Smoke: Another Jimmy Carter Adventure (1978) (with James Ridgeway)
Political Ecology (1979) (co-edited with James Ridgeway)
Corruptions of Empire (1988)
The Fate of the Forest: Developers, Destroyers and Defenders of the Amazon (1989) (with Susanna Hecht)
The Golden Age Is in Us: Journeys and Encounters (1995)
Washington Babylon (1995) (with Ken Silverstein)
Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press (1998) (with Jeffrey St. Clair)
5 Days That Shook The World: The Battle for Seattle and Beyond (2000) (co-edited with Jeffrey St. Clair)
Al Gore: A User's Manual (2000) (with Jeffrey St. Clair)
CounterPunch: The Journalism That Rediscovers America (2002) (co-edited with Jeffrey St. Clair)
The Politics of Anti-Semitism (2003) (co-edited with Jeffrey St. Clair)
Serpents in the Garden (2004) (co-edited with Jeffrey St. Clair)
Imperial Crusades (2004) (co-edited with Jeffrey St. Clair)
Dime's Worth of Difference (2004) (co-edited with Jeffrey St. Clair)
End Times: Death of the Fourth Estate (2006) (with Jeffrey St. Clair)

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