Alexander Downie

Rookie (30 December 1959 / Bo'ness Scotland)

Alexander Downie Poems

1. Sleep 1/26/2012
2. Signed (Miss, Love And Want You) 1/26/2012
3. Missing Worlds (A Sonnet Justine) 1/26/2012
4. Minos’s Gate 1/26/2012
5. London September 1996 1/26/2012
6. Contact 1/26/2012
7. Confusion 1/26/2012
8. Le Chat 1/26/2012
9. Ghosts 1/26/2012
10. Dance 1/26/2012
11. Ink Me Up 1/26/2012
12. Dear Ladies Of Altinkum 1/26/2012
13. Lies 1/26/2012
14. Reflection 1/26/2012
15. Anarchy In The Backyard 1/26/2012
16. Totem 1/26/2012
17. Time 1/26/2012
18. Mad Mad Moonlight 1/26/2012
19. Class Act 1/26/2012
20. Hardman In Glasgow Rain 1/26/2012
21. Blood And Tears 1/26/2012
22. The First Snow 1/26/2012
23. A Dream 1/26/2012
24. Knockin Boots 1/26/2012
25. Carve 1/26/2012
26. Me And My Pony 1/26/2012
27. Written In Her Eyes 1/26/2012
28. The Curse Of All Men 1/26/2012
29. Charcoal 1/26/2012
30. Between A Rock 1/27/2012
31. The Stardust Cowgirl 1/27/2012
32. I Will Cool You 1/26/2012
33. The King And I 1/26/2012
34. Panic 1/26/2012
35. Sex 1/26/2012
36. A Good Man 1/28/2012
37. Cruel To Be Kind 1/28/2012
38. Sweeping Generalisation 1/29/2012
39. A Letter To Elyse 1/29/2012
40. The Bridge 1/30/2012

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Best Poem of Alexander Downie

Truth Or Dare

The truth is I loved you, I dare you to remember
The truth is you hurt me, I dare you to share my pain
The truth is I wanted you back, I dare you to say the same
The truth is you never said sorry, l dare you to try

The truth is I protected you, I dare you to not run away
The truth is you squandered trust cheaply, I dare you to lay the first new stone
The truth is I did insane things, I dare you to stop the insanity
The truth is you lied for nothing that was real, I dare you to face the truth

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I awoke last night consumed by panic, the reality of fervour terrified me, you were here!
I could feel your hair and its softness was familiar to me
Your breath was alarmingly warm against my belly
Your skin was hot against my thigh and sweat trickled a path to the sheets
Your breathing was in time with my own and you moved when I stirred
My body ached with the hardness of want and the closeness of you
I felt and fumbled blindly and still you were there.
I gasped senses shocked and dislo

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