Alexander Downie

Rookie (30 December 1959 / Bo'ness Scotland)

Alexander Downie Poems

41. Next 1/30/2012
42. Stop Shouting 1/30/2012
43. Broken Record 1/30/2012
44. The Drought 1/31/2012
45. The New Wild West 1/31/2012
46. Just One Day (The Gift) 1/31/2012
47. Old Photographs 1/31/2012
48. The First Rain 1/31/2012
49. Killing The Devil 2/1/2012
50. A Pain That Never Dies 2/1/2012
51. Endless Nightmares 2/3/2012
52. Not Ready To Dance 2/3/2012
53. Running On Empty 2/3/2012
54. Old Roots New Dawns 2/3/2012
55. Texas Rain 2/3/2012
56. Sides 2/3/2012
57. Texas Warmth 2/3/2012
58. Vultures 2/6/2012
59. A Helping Hand 2/6/2012
60. The Girl Who Cried Wolf 2/6/2012
61. Narcissus 2/7/2012
62. Backstabber 2/7/2012
63. The Last Word 2/7/2012
64. Standing Beside You 2/7/2012
65. Happy Now? 2/7/2012
66. Twisted 2/7/2012
67. No Remorse 2/8/2012
68. Do It Right 2/8/2012
69. A Place? 2/8/2012
70. What Colour Is My Soul 2/8/2012
71. We Are? 3/29/2012
72. Does The Hat Fit? 5/16/2012
73. I Told You So 6/16/2012
74. Ego = More Than I 6/16/2012
75. Welcome To The Dharma-Ending Age 7/20/2012
76. J'Accuse 2/8/2013
77. Waking Up 2/4/2012
78. I Was Not There 2/4/2012
79. Come Home 2/5/2012
80. A Dog With An Old Bone 2/5/2012
Best Poem of Alexander Downie

Truth Or Dare

The truth is I loved you, I dare you to remember
The truth is you hurt me, I dare you to share my pain
The truth is I wanted you back, I dare you to say the same
The truth is you never said sorry, l dare you to try

The truth is I protected you, I dare you to not run away
The truth is you squandered trust cheaply, I dare you to lay the first new stone
The truth is I did insane things, I dare you to stop the insanity
The truth is you lied for nothing that was real, I dare you to face the truth

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I Will Cool You

I would take a yellow bandana from Texas and fold it around ice,
and bath your arms and legs with the gentle touch of love.
Plant a weeping willow in your garden to shadow your window,
and open every sill to the cool night air.
Fan you with hope and move the air till it blows soft and cold,
and feather your bed with the lightest of breeze.
Blow sirocco kisses to sooth your hot skin.
I will cool you, if you lay warm beside me

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