Alexander Downie

Rookie (30 December 1959 / Bo'ness Scotland)

Alexander Downie Poems

81. Rape 2/5/2012
82. Trust 2/5/2012
83. Opinions 2/5/2012
84. Open Season 2/5/2012
85. Brilliant Disguise 2/8/2013
86. The Butterfly Collector 2/8/2013
87. My Agenda 2/8/2013
88. Boxing Too Many Shadows 2/8/2013
89. Paint A New Day 2/8/2013
90. Pretty In Pathos 2/8/2013
91. Royally Yours 2/1/2012
92. Mothers 1/31/2012
93. The Last Scottish Wolf 1/26/2012
94. The Brashness Of Youth 1/26/2012
95. Are You Ok? 2/6/2012
96. Black History Month 2/8/2013
97. Today I Strolled With Love 1/26/2012
98. I Still Believe In Love 1/27/2012
99. Real Men 1/29/2012
100. Being Famous 2/4/2012
101. Truth Or Dare 2/1/2012

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Truth Or Dare

The truth is I loved you, I dare you to remember
The truth is you hurt me, I dare you to share my pain
The truth is I wanted you back, I dare you to say the same
The truth is you never said sorry, l dare you to try

The truth is I protected you, I dare you to not run away
The truth is you squandered trust cheaply, I dare you to lay the first new stone
The truth is I did insane things, I dare you to stop the insanity
The truth is you lied for nothing that was real, I dare you to face the truth

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The King And I

The King and I we sat down, he'd grown oh so tired of wearing his crown.
He threw of his robes, he looked me in the eye, raised his face to the rain and started to cry.
He kicked off shoes from manicured feet, his regal body crumpled like freshly cut wheat.
His jewels scattered around a marble floor, a name written boldly in future folklore.

The goblet was empty as it smashed on a wall, his empire discarded as he started to crawl.
No servants were there to witness his shame, no courtesans

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