Alexander Duncan

Rookie (April 9,1954 / Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Biography of Alexander Duncan

Alexander Duncan (born April 9,1954; Toronto, Ontario; 4: 12pm) is a Canadian poet. His mother, whom he never knew, was a ballet dancer. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from York University in Toronto, Ontario, followed by one year of graduate study, specializing in modern poetry. In 2011 he converted to the Buddhadharma, after which time he began to publish his poetry, encouraged by Buddhist scholar Dr. Robert Thurman. He has published six books, including Khatas, his first book of poetry, published by Chroniker Press ( in 2012, and Excrescence of Bacchus, also by Chroniker Press, and is working on an original translation of the Tao Te Ching of Laozi. He also writes a political blog (An_2045) and a Buddhist blog (Pali Meditations, Naked Dharma) on Blogspot, Wordpress, and YouTube respectively. He lives in Deer Park, Toronto. He lives with Zenji, a long lanky tabby tom cat. For money he works in the financial press.

Alexander Duncan's Works:

Khatas (Toronto: Chroniker Press,2012)
Excrescence of Bacchus (Toronto: Chroniker Press,2012) Updates

Tom Waits' Voice

tom waits
drives into my head
like the growl of streetcars
not high
close to the ground
tom waits' voice
fag busted
whiskey rasped
a tribute to the man of the street
exalted by ordinariness
tapping out its own path's beat
skin taut

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