Alexander Joeseph

Rookie [Alabaster]

Biography of Alexander Joeseph

Am alex.a sort of sensisitive guy.lov making people happy, and lov seein people smile.dont like being hurt, cause i try not 2 offend or hurt others 2.dont like being lied 2, and i dont value liars, being honest is just the best u can give to others as a moral gift.lov good music, be it r&b or soul.dont like keeping only destroys d reproductive mind.lifes just 2 short 2 start fretting about others.and last but not d least, hate pretenders, in the believe that they suck.lov my family. Updates

My Next Door Neighbour

No longer more of me, but something more like me.a gentle man streching, innocent after the tremendous night.gazes serene, the gentle man on the highway, who frets in every little noise.villian thieves have no peace of mind.i am better off, but not best in ways of the other mirrowed in my natural stance.we look alike, my eye twitches, hes, only whe

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