Alexander Joeseph

Rookie [Alabaster]

Biography of Alexander Joeseph

Am alex.a sort of sensisitive guy.lov making people happy, and lov seein people smile.dont like being hurt, cause i try not 2 offend or hurt others 2.dont like being lied 2, and i dont value liars, being honest is just the best u can give to others as a moral gift.lov good music, be it r&b or soul.dont like keeping only destroys d reproductive mind.lifes just 2 short 2 start fretting about others.and last but not d least, hate pretenders, in the believe that they suck.lov my family. Updates

To A Friend

To a friend in distress, the.lord be your a friend embed in success, this is just the a friend far away, am there, even as you sleep, i pray for a good dream, i shall love you a friend in love, a rose for you and a rose for her, a rose for everything said and done, from me to a friend in want, keep fa

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