Alexander Keli Mutua

Alexander Keli Mutua Poems

1. Holiday 2/21/2011
2. Play And Replay 2/21/2011
3. Engulf Of Night 2/21/2011
4. In-Search Of A Fulfil 2/21/2011
5. Embrace Of Love 2/21/2011
6. The Travel 2/21/2011
7. Sounding Keynotes 2/21/2011
8. Questioning The Night 2/21/2011
9. Embark Of Reel 2/21/2011
10. Re-Adventure 2/21/2011
11. Realms Of Encircle 2/21/2011
12. Seeking Different Blow Of Air 2/21/2011
13. Distant Drawn Nigh 2/21/2011
14. Awakening Alike Morning 2/21/2011
15. Pursue Of Life 2/21/2011
16. Stirring The Conscience 2/21/2011
17. Weakening The Soul 2/21/2011
18. Weakening Mind 2/21/2011
19. Walking The Feel 2/21/2011
20. Re-Directing Thoughts 2/21/2011
21. The Walk Of The Night 2/21/2011
22. The Stir Of Times 2/21/2011
23. The Never Ending 2/21/2011
24. Hardrock 2/21/2011
25. Affection Of Wonder 2/21/2011
26. Aligning Morning 2/21/2011
27. The Enter Into Seek 2/21/2011
28. Seeking An End 2/21/2011
29. Reassess Of Times 2/21/2011
30. Chasing The Wind 2/21/2011
31. Realms Of Conscience 2/21/2011
32. Journeying Soul 2/21/2011
33. Re-Adjusting Emotions 2/21/2011
34. Alighting Emotions 2/21/2011
35. Time Frame 2/21/2011
36. Airing Emotions 2/21/2011
37. Count Of Emotions 2/21/2011
38. Compose Of Conscience 2/21/2011
39. Eying Love 2/21/2011
40. Pairing Emotions 2/21/2011

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Silence Of Thoughts

If total silence engulfed the world O how i love the word engulf! Alike the depths of the sea and the core of the earth or even more the surround of the space. Its alike the mind in search of a thought an innovation. The stretch and fetch of ingenious. Unfortunately that not the case my mind is within the realms of limited the gravitated upon the walk and talk of earth. The aloft that's only within the realms of mind the soul that at times might concur and recur with the correspond of the heart. The spirit that's alike the journeying of the wind upon the surround of earth.

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The consume of silence that engulf the mind the journeying of the soul with the realms of despair we pair this thought ain't it. Am my even in the thought of a conversation of words that read by eyes might capsize the reasoning of the masses. See the deal and if unwritten the composure is alike the clouds taking vast and diverse en route and cours

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