Alexander Onoja

Freshman - 996 Points [Arlexxandah] (12th July 1994 / Abuja)

Alexander Onoja Quotes

  • ''If there is a pen and paper, there must be a writer''
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  • ''when there is full Moon, mere men run out with binoculars and cameras. while poets run out with pen and paper''
    poetic vision
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  • ''Writing is just a cultural habit, what matters is what we write for. that is all!''
    @writing differs.
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  • ''My friend once told me that the worst punishment any one could ever give to me is to cut off both my hands and legs, and my tongue too. That way i ll not be able to tell stories; But he does not know that my being alive alone is a story. Even in death, i ll still continue my story-telling.''
    A die-hard story teller
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  • ''Instead of being a brave soldier, dying at my post with my gun to my neck, i'ld rather be a writer, dying on my table with my pen to my hand.''
    A die-hard writer
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  • ''When ever i try to speak, well mostly when i try to answer questions, i try to be guileless, because when the world and everything turns against me, my Honesty is the only weapon that bears my DNA i could use. The only weapon i could use.''
    The fruit of Honesty
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  • ''My words needs no disguise, no hat, no cloth, no jewelry or shoes. Does it need flattery? Of cos not. I send them all out raw, innocent and naked just like the way i was born. I believe that means I'm veracious.''
    Truth, pretense, Truth
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  • ''Sometimes because of high self esteem, people are transformed to liars. I can not live that way.''
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  • ''There are some you can reach, there are some you can never touch. Don't hope on luck, know the difference before taking that journey.''
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Best Poem of Alexander Onoja


Twas a day after our eighteenth,
sitting i, shaking cobwebs of sleep,
with my thoughts in a ditch so deep.

On my lap sat baskets of promises,
made by mouths, broken by actions.
Discovering my requests were kept from me,
caught by many foolish distractions.

When tragedy struck, we were our parents.
When we fought, it was for each other.
We struggled to feed and pay the house rents,
and that, we did together.

Last time i fell, it was in a pit i dug,
but you threw the banana peel.
You shot arrows of pleadings,
hitting me on my Achilles ...

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Me Dad Said

'If you are not too elusive, please recall,
when you were a child, cold in me arms you were enfolded.
You were little, still learn'n to crawl,
you were so brave, you don't fret when scolded.
You were a wee who thinks he knows to much,
but you alone makes the cleaverest of wrongs.
Always beside me ask'n for me gentle touch,
on your shoulders while sing'n the funniest of songs.
I love your boldness, you were never afraid, '

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