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81. Violent Death Is The Bane Of African Writers And Artists Ii 2/7/2014
82. Punitive Punishment 2/9/2014
83. Toxic Valentine 2/13/2014
84. Behold Angst Kills The African Rat 2/4/2014
85. Ode To The Heart Of A Racist 2/18/2014
86. The Leorpard Feast 2/22/2014
87. Bathing In The River 2/22/2014
88. Leopard Feast 2/22/2014
89. Taking My Poetry To The Bottom Of African Latrine 2/25/2014
90. The Heart Of Landlord 2/28/2014
91. Non Phenomenal Woman 3/7/2014
92. Melody Of A Desert Single Lady 3/7/2014
93. Misfortune In Series Of Love 2/28/2014
94. You Name It 2/28/2014
95. Be Warned From Spying On Your Wife 2/27/2014
96. My Cv 3/10/2014
97. Spam Poetry From Hospital 3/10/2014
98. Dawn So Soon 3/11/2014
99. Spam Poetry From Delusive Sudan 3/11/2014
100. Melody Of Elizabeth Tundi Tabuka 3/12/2014
101. Worrying Over Broken English In Africa, Is Much Ado About Nothing 3/12/2014
102. Have You Seen A Chinese? 3/12/2014
103. Poetic Destituence 3/13/2014
104. I Had A Dream 3/13/2014
105. I Love 3/14/2014
106. Drop Your Suicide Idea My Love Is For You 2/10/2014
107. Experimenting With Life In Poverty 3/18/2014
108. The Disillusioned Snob 3/18/2014
109. Am Gone Home To Sleep 3/18/2014
110. Why African Men Have Good Daughters Than Sons 3/19/2014
111. A Leopard Is Not A Good Hunting Companion 3/21/2014
112. Pious Dejavu 3/26/2014
113. Sunny Advantages 3/26/2014
114. Who Killed The Minister? 3/26/2014
115. Vladimir Putin Is A Global Fact, It Is Obama Who Is A Weakness 3/27/2014
116. Fear 3/29/2014
117. I Love Her 3/29/2014
118. They Derive Pleasure From My Agony 4/1/2014
119. I Dreamed I Was Dreaming 3/29/2014
120. Africa My Cornucopia 4/3/2014

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My Dear Africa

My dear, sole beloved, Sweetheart,
are you still joyous of me,
and also not worried about my love for you
I was so very upset when I last visited you,
and in such heart renting moments, I see everything
still much blacker and more horrendous,

Forgive me, one and only beloved Africa
for causing you such crisis of identity
but I was shattered by your doubt of my leadership
and faithfulness to democratic service,
Africa, what can we do to catapult you out
Of this silly scum?

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Alexander K Opicho
(Eld oret, Kenya;

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