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Veteran Poet - 1,108 Points [k] (when dictatorship began / kenya)

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121. Who Will Heal You From Your Bug Of Racism? 4/3/2014
122. Selfish Proffessor 4/10/2014
123. She Is My Otherness 3/17/2014
124. Othello At The Graveside Of Shakespeare 4/11/2014
125. Dearest Moonlight 4/22/2014
126. Christmas In Funeral 4/23/2014
127. Where She Takes Her Money ……..? 4/24/2014
128. Resurrection Of Charles Darwin 4/25/2014
129. Chimpanzee Blood Inside African Veines 4/26/2014
130. Hunting For Sadam Hussein 4/30/2014
131. A Ballad Of Starvation 5/1/2014
132. Where Are The African Natives Of Australia? 5/6/2014
133. I Am Here At The Corner 5/7/2014
134. Away From Home 5/7/2014
135. State Goons Took Our Red Cockerel 5/9/2014
136. Say No To Afro-Pessimism! 5/11/2014
137. Seven Men On The Coffle For The Grave 5/21/2014
138. Why Currents Gods Are Creating Men Who Are Women Vis-À-Vis 5/21/2014
139. Stone Falconer 5/23/2014
140. Literature Can Thrive Without Professors But Professors Cannot Thrive Without Literature 5/26/2014
141. A Police Man Can Do Anything 5/26/2014
142. Verses Of Caution To An African Girl 5/26/2014
143. When His Wife Died 5/26/2014
144. Ethnicity Vs. Liberation 6/13/2014
145. Ode To Tony Smitta Smitten Mochama 6/13/2014
146. No Pockets On My Clothes(Final Copy) 6/13/2014
147. Raila Odinga's Approach To National Dialogue Is Not Reasonable 6/16/2014
148. The Gunmen Of Africa Are Not A Song Of The Caged Bird 6/18/2014
149. Our Attorney General Is A Night Shift Mortician 6/20/2014
150. Solitude Of Power 4/20/2014
151. My Black Snake 6/4/2014
152. Neurotic Law Of Poetry 6/6/2014
153. Silent Benefactors Of Koinange Street 6/10/2014
154. No Poeckets On My Clothes 6/11/2014
155. Essays On Literature 7/7/2014
156. The Hand That Takes A Bribe 7/20/2014
157. Nadine Gordimer: July's Daughter Is A Sleep 7/20/2014
158. On Re-Africanizing Black Shakeouts 7/21/2014
159. A Woman Of No Freedom For Conscience 7/23/2014
160. Frau Ohne Freiheit Fur Gewissen 7/25/2014

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My Dear Africa

My dear, sole beloved, Sweetheart,
are you still joyous of me,
and also not worried about my love for you
I was so very upset when I last visited you,
and in such heart renting moments, I see everything
still much blacker and more horrendous,

Forgive me, one and only beloved Africa
for causing you such crisis of identity
but I was shattered by your doubt of my leadership
and faithfulness to democratic service,
Africa, what can we do to catapult you out
Of this silly scum?

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Avery huge volumes of books
With writings and contents mutated
Some pages soiled blank
Leaves worn dog eared
Original ideas probed and decimated
It is a palimpsest.

Very huge buildings of universities
Monumental laboratories in there

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