Alexander Parra

Rookie (3-10-94 / Glendale California)

Biography of Alexander Parra

Parented by Alicia Williams.
Raised in Alhambra, California Alexander without a father or any other male figure in his life until the age of ten when his mother remarried. In his mother's second marriage Alexander was blessed with the birth of his beautiful baby sister Brooke emily.
After several years his mothers marriage ended in a seperation, leaving Alexander a growing young man now without a father once again. Despite hard times his mother always seemed to provide and with his adoration for his five year younger sibling he was pushed forward to succeed. In his early to late teen years he looked for a sense of direction in his life until he found among other things that he dramatically enjoyed poetry.
He's been writing ever since... Updates

Life Of Sin

Torn and cold im selfishly inflicted
Severed from society tauntedly called wicked
Internal agony is my crying pain
Desiccated and burn my body slain
Inside a pit of fire is were I reside
Punished for my wicked deeds I burn alive....

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