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Hmm im just a young poet coming out of the up rise. was born and raise in Belize.I'm currently still going to high school. Going to study Science to be a future engineer. I'm basically 15 and enjoy a lot of stuff...I like to read books in my spear time.(mostly books that is 'New York's Best seller') I love to hang with my girl friend... but who doesn't! ? ! I would say I'm not the average teen.. i do things out of the ordinary to be out of the norm! That's me for ya...well a little part at least. Updates

My Love!

It is not the sun that makes my day shine
Nor at night when the moon gives off the light
It's you my love
Your the one that puts that smile on my face

You give me hope for a new day that we might see each other once more
To give each other what we really wanted
That hunger and thirst that drives us for more
One overdose is what we all need at this point.

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