Alexander Raju Biography

Alexander Raju (b.1952) , an Indian English poet, novelist and short story writer has many books to his credit. Ripples and Pebbles (1989) , Sprouts of Indignation (2003) and Magic Chasm (2007) are collections of his poems. His first novel The Haunted Man came out in 1996; its second edition in 2009. His second novel Upon This Bank and Shoal (2008) is published by CCB Publishing, British Columbia, Canada. Poles Apart on the Same Bed (2011) is a collection of his twenty-nine short stories. And Still Plays the Abyssinian Damsel on Her Dulcimer, When Babel Tower is Falling Down and Where They Shattered His Green Dreams are his latest novels. The Voice of Ethiopia (2008) is an edited work and The Psycho-Social Interface in British Fiction (2000) is a critical work. Currently he is Professor of Literature in University of Gondar, Ethiopia. Address: Kallarackal, Eranjal, Muttambalam, Kottyam – 686004, Kerala, India.


Alexander Raju Popular Poems
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