Alexander Shaumyan

Rookie - 200 Points (July 12,1962 / Moscow, Russia)

Biography of Alexander Shaumyan

Alexander Shaumyan poet

Alexander Shaumyan was born in Moscow, Russia, in 1962 and immigrated to the United States in 1975 at the age of 13. He started out as a painter but turned to poetry as a more effective medium for expressing his message. His work appeared in many small presses and online journals. He's also done translations of Russian, German, French, Spanish, and Italian poetry. His translation of Nikolai Gumilev has been published online. His translation of Sergey Esenin's last poem appeared in GLAS, Volume 23-the internationally known journal of new Russian writing, edited by Natasha Perova. His poetry has been taught by Professor Gerald Smith at Oxford University, who teaches modern Russian poetry and émigré Russian literature. In 2002 he self-published three books of poetry: 'Spirit of Rebellion', 'Canzoni dimenticate' and 'Through the Eyes of Love'. He published his fourth book of poetry 'Place Where Light' Is in July,2003. All the four books received excellent reviews from Laurel Johnson of The Midwest Book Review. They appear in the November issue of the MBR Bookwatch.
In 2004 he published two more books of poetry - 'What Is a Poet? ' and 'From Darkness Came'. His seventh book of poetry 'Thinking of Math and Her' came out in 2005. For more poetry visit my website

Alexander Shaumyan's Works:

Spirit of Rebellion,2002
Canzoni dimenticate,2002
Through the Eyes of Love,2002
Place Where Light Is,2003
What Is a Poet? ,2004
From Darkness Came,2004
Thinking of Math and Her,2005 Updates

On This Tranquil Night

On this tranquil night
I imagine you and me,
Rekindling tender memories
Of how it used to be -

Some say the past
Is an illusion,
That the only reality
Is the here and now -

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