Alexander Steen Stewart

Rookie (16/11/1991 / Falkirk, Central Scotland)

Biography of Alexander Steen Stewart

Not terribly much to say to be prefectly honest, I would say that I have lead a bit of a sheltered life so far. I would say that the poet that inspires me most and has the greatest influence when I write would be John Donne, as I also feel very much lured to the perfect spiritual love which Donne often alludes to in his work.
I generally find I'm disappointed with the reality of life as it can never really match up with the idealised perfection of the imagination. Updates

The Beauty Of Dreams

If ever I saw your face without fear,
It was always with eyes of sleep.
For in the world of dreams to you I'm dear,
With feeling oh so deep.

All other claims of beauty are but lies,
A blasphemy against my heart.
But can I for you my feelings disguise,
Impossible! One look and my senses depart.

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