Alexander Villegas

Rookie (Des Moines, Iowa, United States.)

Alexander Villegas Poems

41. Set My World On Fire 6/20/2012
42. Nothing 6/29/2012
43. That One Guy 7/5/2012
44. Monsters Are Beautiful 7/21/2012
45. Beautiful Bomb 8/7/2012
46. I'M Alex, Not Mexican 2/16/2012
47. Mismatch 8/16/2012
48. When I'M Around You 9/13/2012
49. Immortal 11/23/2012
50. A Kiss From The Sun 12/28/2012
51. Sparkle 10/5/2012
52. More Than High School Love 2/14/2012
53. A Mother's Touch 2/8/2012
54. Born Again 2/7/2012
55. What Is Beauty? 1/15/2012
56. Love Is The Most Addictive Drug 1/30/2012
57. Ugly People 8/15/2012
58. Gay Boy 3/20/2012
59. We'Re Ugly 9/2/2012
60. Resurrection 1/22/2012
61. Smile 1/2/2012
62. Star Gazer 3/13/2012
63. Drugs Are Alive 5/4/2012
64. No More 4/17/2012
65. How To Treat A Woman 2/20/2012
Best Poem of Alexander Villegas

How To Treat A Woman

A woman is a beautiful creature,  
She should be loved for more than her physical features. 
A man should treat a woman like she is a queen,
How else would you treat the most beautiful woman you've seen?  
When you earn her trust,  
Don't abuse it because she will rust.
If your with her to only get into her hole,
Than your wasting your time because she wants someone to love her for what's in her soul. 

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Plastic Queen

Your numb, all your skin replaced with plastic. You felt like crap and now you feel fantastic. You want to be on the top by being something that your not, and paid the price. Your soul has become as artifical as your body. Faking perfection wasn't worth it, now your casket is nothing but an air brushed Barbie box.

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