Alexandra Couch

Rookie (Scott Memorial- Scottsburg, IN)

Biography of Alexandra Couch

Since I was in Kindergarten I've loved to write. When I was a child I would make up random songs and sing them, then as a preteen I enjoyed poetry. Now I enjoy writing many different things ranging from short stories, novels, poetry, and occasionally writing reports on historical happenings I found interest in. In fourth grade my teacher told my mother that my writing was far more advanced than any other student she had taught. My dream is to become an author, to teach people aound the world through my writing. I would also like to have a few published poems if I ever reach a professional level. I've spent most of my schooling at Austin Elem., Austin Mid., and Austin High, but I did go to Crothersville Elem. and Crothersville Jr.Sr. High School. I'm hoping that by being a member of this website I will become better-known. Updates


I'm down on my knees
In this moment and space,
Surrounded by darkness
And bodies decayed.

I wonder how this came
To be: After this avalanche
Crashed down I lost
All strength, all rationality.

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