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I can't talk about myelf very well but I'll give it a try. I'm kind of quiet and usually keep to myself around people I don't know. Around my friends I can be a little crazy but you get used to me^_- I've loved poetry for a long time but only started trying to write it about three years ago. My first ones were honestly horrible but now I'm ready to post some. I try to get inspiration from the things around me and from my own feelings and experiences. So...I guess that's about it... Updates

Irrevocable Love

This is the way life happens always
Searching the doors of a thousand hallways
Looking for the one in which true love abides
This heart wanders and guides
Reaching the door at journey's end
Hoping for love so this heart may mend
The traveler does find this final door locked
Theory of one true love now to be mocked
But the heart is never led astray

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