Alexandre Nodopaka

Freshman - 993 Points (1940 / Russia)

Alexandre Nodopaka Poems

401. Upon Gazing At A Painted Chef D'oeuvre 10/28/2012
402. Laundered Truth 10/28/2012
403. At A Glance 10/28/2012
404. The Subject Of Death 10/28/2012
405. Legumes Go For April Fools 10/28/2012
406. The Art In Convoluted Linearity 10/28/2012
407. How I Became A Full-Blown American 10/28/2012
408. Upon Reading Annotations 10/28/2012
409. A Home In Every Port 10/28/2012
410. I Vacillated 10/28/2012
411. Postdigital Alexithymia 10/28/2012
412. The Rorschach Pattern In The Floor 10/28/2012
413. About Cloudy Literati Reflections 10/28/2012
414. The Other Side Of Dante's Inferno 10/28/2012
415. Is That What You Mean? 10/28/2012
416. Let Me Tell You A Secret 10/28/2012
417. The Collector Of Stone Halves 10/28/2012
418. A Hundred Times A Thousand Croaks 10/28/2012
419. Distant Strings 10/28/2012
420. They Bloom Every Seven Year 10/28/2012
421. The Right To Be Heard 10/28/2012
422. A Chinese Tale By God Lei Kun 10/28/2012
423. Spleen 10/28/2012
424. I Spread Your Book Cover 10/28/2012
425. In Riposte To Rumi 10/28/2012
426. When Tarzan Was Johnny Weismuller 10/28/2012
427. The Unfamiliar Woman I Woke Next To 10/28/2012
428. Arghh! Arghh! Screeched The Crow 10/28/2012
429. Art That Transcends 10/28/2012
430. How To Beat To Death An Old Bush 10/28/2012
431. A Mousy Story 10/28/2012
432. A Prologue For Susan Dobay's Voyage To China 10/28/2012
433. Killing Alice And The Rabbit 10/28/2012
434. The Problems Of Invisibility 10/28/2012
435. Discussion Between Plant And Fat Couple 10/28/2012
436. Re-Musing The Pissoir 10/28/2012
437. In The Light Of Things 10/28/2012
438. The Duke 10/28/2012
439. In The Illusionary Boudoir Of Maya 10/28/2012
440. Barbie Came And Went To Heaven 10/28/2012

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Best Poem of Alexandre Nodopaka

A Love Letter

I write words and listen to
sounds from Persia.
There's a party next door
and when the exotic music stops
so do my words.

They fall from pages,
shatter and split into
loose alphabet.

In effect each letter
on the ground
forms collages varied as the dresses
of the women over the fence.

Today is a special Babylonian day.
One of tying blades of grass together.
With each tie one makes a wish.
I tie one knot.
You and I.


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A Moment Of Aloness

Transformed into a moment
of loneliness
There was this single bud
waiting to open
under the first rays
of the sun
to show her center

Why did I think of it as she

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