Alexandre Nodopaka

Freshman - 993 Points (1940 / Russia)

Alexandre Nodopaka Poems

441. Ay, Ay, Ay, Pablito! 11/20/2012
442. The Unfamiliar Woman I Woke Next To 10/28/2012
443. Arghh! Arghh! Screeched The Crow 10/28/2012
444. Art That Transcends 10/28/2012
445. How To Beat To Death An Old Bush 10/28/2012
446. A Mousy Story 10/28/2012
447. A Prologue For Susan Dobay's Voyage To China 10/28/2012
448. Killing Alice And The Rabbit 10/28/2012
449. A Chinese Tale By God Lei Kun 10/28/2012
450. Spleen 10/28/2012
451. I Spread Your Book Cover 10/28/2012
452. In Riposte To Rumi 10/28/2012
453. When Tarzan Was Johnny Weismuller 10/28/2012
454. I Became Jaded Gazing At A Mexican Fountain 11/20/2012
455. Prepubescent Icarus 11/20/2012
456. Sorry 11/20/2012
457. The Pink Of The Whore 11/20/2012
458. The Unbearable Lightness Of Unbeing 11/20/2012
459. When Tears Run Out 11/20/2012
460. A Contemporary Poem About Bright Red 11/20/2012
461. A Time To Mend 11/20/2012
462. I Saw God Naked 11/20/2012
463. On A Clear Day I Can See Russia 11/20/2012
464. Racing Through Halloween 11/20/2012
465. Soliloquies To Khayam-Omeh 11/20/2012
466. Riding My Stallion Humming Along 11/20/2012
467. The Gullibility Of Man 11/20/2012
468. The Importance Of Liberated Toes 11/20/2012
469. The Forensics Of A Letter 11/20/2012
470. Fetish Poem 11/20/2012
471. Verse For A 3-Legged Doe 10/28/2012
472. The Story Of O 10/28/2012
473. The Intensity Of Fame 10/28/2012
474. At The Louvres 4/21/2010
475. I Have A Story That'll 4/21/2010
476. A Poem About Love Or The Things That Keep Us Together 9/25/2011
477. Strangers Crossing Paths 3/30/2011
478. Painting Of A Blue Woman By A Blind Artist 12/19/2009
479. The Newfound Dear Frida Letter 2/4/2010
480. It Is All About The Oral Cavity 2/4/2010

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Best Poem of Alexandre Nodopaka

Good Morning-Д О Б Р О Е У Т Р О Cb Е Т

Я и г р а л с в а ш е й г р у д ь ю
О н и б ы л и ц в е т а м и п о д с о л н е ч н и к
О т р а ж а я в м о и х г л а з а х

М о и м ы с л и н а ч а л и т а н ц е в а т ь
И п а л ь ц ы н а ч а л и Ж и в о п и с ь
Н а м и н у т у я п о д у м а л

Я б ы л В и н с
И м о я к а р т и н а б ы л а в ы
Я о с т о р о ж н о н а ж а л н а х в о с т е

К р а с о ч н о г о т р у б а х
В ы п р и ш л и в о р г а з м е ц в е т а м и
Н а м о й н а т я н у т ы й х о л с т

Hello Dawn

I played with your ...

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Absinthe Minded

at the end of the bar
by a could-be might-be mistress
in distress
in a stage of advanced
mental undress

for a moment absent
professor-like I forget
to caress
her licorice-filled gl.ass.


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