Alexandre Nodopaka

Freshman - 993 Points (1940 / Russia)

Alexandre Nodopaka Poems

81. Mouth-To-Mouth 9/9/2009
82. Resolving The Puzzle Of God's Presence 9/9/2009
83. Shower Singing 9/9/2009
84. The (Would-Be) Divo 9/9/2009
85. The Spiritual Leech 9/9/2009
86. The Talmudic In Socio-Political Power Matters Ii 9/9/2009
87. Talmudic Socio Political Matters Iii 9/9/2009
88. The Finding Of The Torah 9/9/2009
89. The Talmudic In Socio-Political Matters I 9/9/2009
90. Vodka Manna 9/9/2009
91. Why I No Longer Paint 9/9/2009
92. As To Where Do Hearing Aids Go 9/13/2009
93. Back To The Forest 9/13/2009
94. Basho & Hemingway 9/13/2009
95. Corpulent Eyes 9/13/2009
96. Divine Afflatus 9/13/2009
97. Do I Hear 9/13/2009
98. God Is A Mathematical Interlude 9/13/2009
99. Hand Job In The Sistine Chapel 9/13/2009
100. Holy Threesome 9/13/2009
101. How I Must Be Painted 9/13/2009
102. Impaired Vision 9/13/2009
103. It's Not A Hand Job For Her 9/13/2009
104. Let's Be Sunlight Spectrum 9/13/2009
105. Mayim Acharonim 9/13/2009
106. No Body Wants Her 9/13/2009
107. Not As Usual Or On Being More Like A Dog 9/9/2009
108. Intelligent Design 9/9/2009
109. Twenty Thousand & Some Leagues 9/9/2009
110. You May Have A Point 9/9/2009
111. Where Does Water Begin 9/9/2009
112. A Situation At Hand 9/9/2009
113. Blowing Weeds 9/9/2009
114. The Other Shroud 9/9/2009
115. The Stream Of Zen 9/9/2009
116. Rack Of Ribs 9/13/2009
117. Reverse Osmosis 9/13/2009
118. Stone Fog 9/13/2009
119. The Art Of Popcorn In Sculpture Form 9/13/2009
120. The Encounter 9/13/2009

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Best Poem of Alexandre Nodopaka

Good Morning-Д О Б Р О Е У Т Р О Cb Е Т

Я и г р а л с в а ш е й г р у д ь ю
О н и б ы л и ц в е т а м и п о д с о л н е ч н и к
О т р а ж а я в м о и х г л а з а х

М о и м ы с л и н а ч а л и т а н ц е в а т ь
И п а л ь ц ы н а ч а л и Ж и в о п и с ь
Н а м и н у т у я п о д у м а л

Я б ы л В и н с
И м о я к а р т и н а б ы л а в ы
Я о с т о р о ж н о н а ж а л н а х в о с т е

К р а с о ч н о г о т р у б а х
В ы п р и ш л и в о р г а з м е ц в е т а м и
Н а м о й н а т я н у т ы й х о л с т

Hello Dawn

I played with your ...

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A Love Letter

I write words and listen to
sounds from Persia.
There's a party next door
and when the exotic music stops
so do my words.

They fall from pages,
shatter and split into
loose alphabet.

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