Alexandria Valena

Rookie (1-31-92(finally 18))

Biography of Alexandria Valena

My name is alex. Yes most guys have that name and no im not a guy. i like to write poems and read them as well. I love people they make my life alot easier. One day i want to change the world. I am sick of all the hate. In my eyes i see the world as a beautiful place. If we continue to treat it the way we do think about what will happen when it dies on us. This is the only home we have so TAKE CARE OF IT! ! ! Updates


One night i got really wasted.
I drank the best thing i ever tasted.
I fell and scratched up my face.
During a wild running race.

I dropped my phone in a puddle.
The night i got to cuddle.
And know i regret it
because i broke it,
the night i got wasted.

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