Alexandros Sandoval

Rookie (11-25-88 / Gallup)

Biography of Alexandros Sandoval

Alexandros was a raised in oklahoma, but the price of abuse from his mother led them to relocate to their hometown. He went on writing in school but did not show his talents nor did he explore his talents. He started writing in High School. He started getting the idea of writing songs for musicians.
When Alexandros graduated from High School, he put himself in the employment field. He keep writing until he almost gave up. One night a dream came to him when he was giving up on writing. An artist he idolized came to him in the dream and told him she loved his work. He woke up the next day with high hopes. He enrolled into an Art school. Now, let's see what he's dreamed about. Updates

Glitter Escapade

I want to escape to a world of glitter
I do not want to sit in your litter

I'll explode
Bigger than your nuclear weapons
I'm the glitter upload
A dissolvable deception

Put on your shade

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