Alexis Keys

Biography of Alexis Keys

My name is Alexis, I'll be 16 on October 5th 2012. I use to write poetry when I was 10 and the suddenly quite lately I have decided to start again because it's something I enjoy. I know am not some pro at Writting but I hope my work will contuine to improve and hope to get help and feed back from others. Am young and just starting to go in a direction I have my whole life infringing of me so am Putting my self out there enjoying life and Doing the best I can i still have my who life in front of me. Updates


Baby you said you'd never lie
Looks like you just did
You said you'd never leave the way he did
I guess that was a lie 
You said you loved me 
So why her instead
Baby you said you wouldn't  lie
Looks like you just did.

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