Alfred Austin

(30 May 1835 – 2 June 1913 / Headingley)

Alfred Austin Poems

41. Lost 4/8/2010
42. The Old Land And The Young Land 4/8/2010
43. By The Fates 4/8/2010
44. Chi È? 4/8/2010
45. Covet Who Will The Patronage Of Kings 4/7/2010
46. Inflexible As Fate 4/8/2010
47. Leszko The Bastard 4/8/2010
48. Let The Weary World Go Round 4/8/2010
49. Sweet Love Is Dead 4/8/2010
50. Spiritual Love 4/8/2010
51. When Acorns Fall 4/8/2010
52. How Florence Rings Her Bells 4/8/2010
53. Henry Bartle Edward Frere 4/8/2010
54. Know, Nature, Like The Cuckoo, Laughs At Law 4/7/2010
55. Shepherd Swains That Feed Your Flocks 4/7/2010
56. Take Not The Gods To Task, For They Are Wise 4/7/2010
57. Pax Britannica 4/8/2010
58. The Evening Light 4/8/2010
59. Content Written Off Ithaca 4/8/2010
60. Beatrice 4/8/2010
61. An Autumn Homily 4/8/2010
62. All Hail To The Czar! 4/8/2010
63. Any Poet At Any Time 4/8/2010
64. At San Giovanni Del Lago 4/8/2010
65. My Northern Blood Exults To Face 4/7/2010
66. The Last Redoubt 4/8/2010
67. To Alfred Tennyson 4/8/2010
68. Resignation 4/8/2010
69. Since We Must Die 4/8/2010
70. Love’s Fitfulness 4/8/2010
71. Brother Benedict 4/8/2010
72. Burns’s Statue At Irvine 4/8/2010
73. At Delphi 4/8/2010
74. Give Me October's Meditative Haze 4/7/2010
75. Alea Jacta 4/8/2010
76. Mozart’s Grave 4/8/2010
77. Time’s Weariness 4/8/2010
78. Through Liberty To Light 4/8/2010
79. The Wind Speaks 4/8/2010
80. The Passing Of Spring 4/8/2010

Comments about Alfred Austin

  • Sofia Kioroglou Sofia Kioroglou (4/16/2016 2:22:00 AM)

    I agree with John Mahon. He is an excellent poet and vastly underrated for sure!

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  • John Mahon (7/9/2013 10:17:00 AM)

    Vastly underrated. One of my favorite poets. Consistently solid poetry with plenty of very deep, moving and powerful pieces. Has a way with words even better than most poets of his era.

Best Poem of Alfred Austin

Love's Blindness

Now do I know that Love is blind, for I
Can see no beauty on this beauteous earth,
No life, no light, no hopefulness, no mirth,
Pleasure nor purpose, when thou art not nigh.
Thy absence exiles sunshine from the sky,
Seres Spring's maturity, checks Summer's birth,
Leaves linnet's pipe as sad as plover's cry,
And makes me in abundance find but dearth.
But when thy feet flutter the dark, and thou
With orient eyes dawnest on my distress,
Suddenly sings a bird on every bough,
The heavens expand, the earth grows less and less,
The ground is buoyant as ...

Read the full of Love's Blindness

At His Grave

LEAVE me a little while alone,
Here at his grave that still is strown
With crumbling flower and wreath;
The laughing rivulet leaps and falls,
The thrush exults, the cuckoo calls,
And he lies hush’d beneath.

With myrtle cross and crown of rose,
And every lowlier flower that blows,

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