Alfred Austin

(30 May 1835 – 2 June 1913 / Headingley)

Alfred Austin Poems

201. Give Me Thy Heart 4/8/2010
202. The Mountains 4/7/2010
203. Agatha 1/1/2004
204. A Birthday 4/7/2010
205. A Farmhouse Dirge 4/8/2010
206. A November Note 4/8/2010
207. At Vaucluse 4/8/2010
208. At Her Grave 4/8/2010
209. Awake! Awake! 4/8/2010
210. Alfred’s Song 4/8/2010
211. If You Were Mine, If You Were Mine, 4/7/2010
212. Why England Is Conservative 4/8/2010
213. Victoria 4/8/2010
214. A Defence Of English Spring 4/8/2010
215. A Farewell To Youth 4/8/2010
216. A Dream Of England 4/8/2010
217. Farewell To Italy 4/8/2010
218. Grandmother’s Teaching 4/8/2010
219. In Praise Of England 4/8/2010
220. At Shelley’s Grave 4/8/2010
221. A Night In June 4/8/2010
222. Felix Opportunitate Mortis 4/8/2010
223. A Snow-White Lily 4/8/2010
224. A Farewell 4/8/2010
225. Love's Trinity 4/8/2010
226. Ave Maria 4/8/2010
227. A Fragment 4/8/2010
228. Sisyphus 4/8/2010
229. Give Me A Roof Where Wisdom Dwells 4/7/2010
230. Unseasonable Snows 4/8/2010
231. Is Life Worth Living? 4/8/2010
232. A Last Request 4/8/2010
233. Love's Blindness 1/1/2004
234. A Woman’s Apology 4/8/2010
235. Free Will And Fate 4/8/2010

Comments about Alfred Austin

  • Sofia Kioroglou Sofia Kioroglou (4/16/2016 2:22:00 AM)

    I agree with John Mahon. He is an excellent poet and vastly underrated for sure!

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  • John Mahon (7/9/2013 10:17:00 AM)

    Vastly underrated. One of my favorite poets. Consistently solid poetry with plenty of very deep, moving and powerful pieces. Has a way with words even better than most poets of his era.

Best Poem of Alfred Austin

Free Will And Fate

`You ask me why I envy not
The Monarch on his throne.
It is that I myself have got
A Kingdom of my own:
Kingdom by Free Will divine
Made inalienably mine,
Where over motions blind and brute
I live and reign supreme, a Sovereign absolute.

`Ebbing and flowing as the seas,
And surging but to drown,
Think you that I will pass to these
My Sceptre and my Crown?
Unto rebel passions give
Empire and prerogative?
They are attendants in my train,
To come when I command, and crouch as I ordain.

`If Will by long succession be
Not arbiter of ...

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A Birthday

The love within my heart that dwells
Knows nought of days or hours;
I hear thee in the Christmas bells,
I feel thee in the vernal showers;
And thy breath is blent with the wandering scent
Of the summer fruits and flowers.

And yet this morn my blood is stirred
With more than wonted glow;

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