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Alfred Corn (born August 14, 1943) is an American poet and essayist.

Early life

Alfred Corn was born in Bainbridge, Georgia in 1943 and raised in Valdosta, Georgia.

Corn graduated from Emory University in 1965 with a B.A. in French literature. Corn earned an M.A. in French literature at Columbia University in 1967.

Corn travelled to France on a Fulbright Scholarship where he met Ann Jones, whom he would later marry. After he and Ann Jones divorced, he was partnered with the architect Walter Brown in the years 1971-1976,and then with J.D. McClatchy from 1977 until 1989.


His first book of poems, All Roads at Once, appeared in 1976, followed by A Call in the Midst of the Crowd (1978), The Various Light (1980), Notes from a Child of Paradise (1984), The West Door (1988), Autobiographies (1992). His seventh book of poems, titled Present, appeared in 1997, along with a novel titled 'Part of His Story'.,[4] and a study of prosody, The Poem’s Heartbeat[5] (Story Line Press, 1997; Copper Canyon Press, 2008). Stake: Selected Poems, 1972-1992, appeared in 1999, followed by Contradictions in 2002. He has also published a collection of critical essays titled The Metamorphoses of Metaphor (1988) and a work of art criticism, Aaron Rose Photographs (Abrams Books, 2001). In January 2013, Tables, a volume of poems, was published by Press53. In April 2014, Unions, a volume of poems, was published by Barrow Street Press. In December 2014, Miranda's Book, a novel, was published by Eyewear Publishing in London, United Kingdom.

Corn was awarded the 1982 Levinson Prize by Poetry Magazine.[6]

Corn received an Award in Literature from the Academy of Arts and Letters in 1983 and a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1986.[1] In 1987, he was awarded a Fellowship of the Academy of American Poets.[2]

Additional fellowships and prizes awarded for his poetry include the National Endowment for the Arts, an Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and a residency at The Bellagio Center for the Rockefeller Foundation.

Alfred Corn's Works:

All Roads at Once (1976) Viking Press
A Call in the Midst of the Crowd: Poems (1978) Viking Press
The Various Light (1980) Viking Press
Notes from a Child of Paradise (1984)
The West Door: Poems (1988) Viking Press
The Metamorphoses of Metaphor: Essays in Poetry and Fiction (1987) Viking Press
Autobiographies: Poems (1992) Viking Press
Part of His Story: A Novel (1997) Mid-List Press
Present (1997) Counterpoint
The Poem's Heartbeat: A Manual of Prosody (1997) Story Line Press, (2008) Copper Canyon Press
Stake: Selected Poems, 1972-1992 (1999) Counterpoint
Contradictions: Poems (2002) Copper Canyon Press
Transatlantic Bridge: A Concise Guide to American and British English (2012) thEbooks
Tables (2013) Press 53
Unions (2014) Barrow Street Press
Miranda's Book (2014) Eyewear Publishing Ltd. Updates

Seeing All The Vermeers

Met Museum, 1965, the first
I'll see, his Young Woman Sleeping.
Stage right, bright-threaded carpet flung over the table
where a plate of apples, crumpled napkin
and drained wineglass abut the recapped pitcher.
Propped by one hand, her leaning drowse,
behind which, a door opens on the dream, dim, bare
but for a console and framed mirror—or a painting
too shadowed to make out. Next to it,

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