Alfred Edward Housman

(26 March 1859 – 30 April 1936 / Worcestershire)

Alfred Edward Housman Quotes

  • ''“Good creatures, do you love your lives
    And have you ears for sense?
    Here is a knife like other knives,
    That cost me eighteen pence.

    I need but stick it in my heart
    And down will come the sky,
    And earths foundations will depart
    And all you folk will die.” ''
    A.E. Housman, More Poems
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  • ''“I, a stranger and afraid
    In a world I never made.” ''
    A.E. Housman, Last Poems
  • ''“Into my heart an air that kills
    From yon far country blows:
    What are those blue remembered hills,
    What spires, what farms are those?

    That is the land of lost content,
    I see it shining plain,
    The happy highways where I went
    And cannot come again.”''
    A.E. Housman, A Shropshire Lad
  • ''“Existence is not itself a good thing, that we should spend a lifetime securing its necessaries: a life spent, however victoriously, in securing the necessaries of life is no more than an elaborate furnishing and decoration of apartments for the reception of a guest who is never to come. Our business here is not to live, but to live happily.” ''
    A.E. Housman
  • ''“The stars have not dealt me the worst they could do:
    My pleasures are plenty, my troubles are two.
    But oh, my two troubles they reave me of rest,
    The brains in my head and the heart in my breast.

    Oh, grant me the ease that is granted so free,
    The birthright of multitudes, give it to me,
    That relish their victuals and rest on their bed
    With flint in the bosom and guts in the head.”''
    A.E. Housman, A Shropshire Lad
  • ''“Stone, steel, dominions pass,
    Faith too, no wonder;
    So leave alone the grass
    That I am under.” ''
    A.E. Housman, More Poems
  • ''“June suns, you cannot store them
    To warm the winters cold,
    The lad that hopes for heaven
    Shall fill his mouth with mould.” ''
    A.E. Housman, More Poems
  • ''“Life, to be sure, is nothing much to lose,
    But young men think it is, and we were young.” ''
    A.E. Housman, More Poems
  • ''“I do not choose the right word, I get rid of the wrong one.”''
    A.E. Housman
  • ''“Wanderers eastward, wanderers west,
    Know you why you cannot rest?
    Tis that every mothers son
    Travails with a skeleton.

    Lie down in the bed of dust;
    Bear the fruit that bear you must;
    Bring the eternal seed to light,
    And morn is all the same as night.” ''
    A.E. Housman, A Shropshire Lad

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Best Poem of Alfred Edward Housman

Here Dead We Lie

Here dead we lie
Because we did not choose
To live and shame the land
From which we sprung.

Life, to be sure,
Is nothing much to lose,
But young men think it is,
And we were young.

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Wake: the silver dusk returning
Up the beach of darkness brims,
And the ship of sunrise burning
Strands upon the eastern rims.

Wake: the vaulted shadow shatters,
Trampled to the floor it spanned,
And the tent of night in tatters
Straws the sky-pavilioned land.

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