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Ali Ashjaee Poems

1. Black N White 3/8/2014
2. Universe 3/8/2014
3. School Story 3/8/2014
4. Tension The Mother Of Creation 3/8/2014
5. The Miller 3/8/2014
6. The Real Love 3/8/2014
7. Twilight 3/8/2014
8. آزادی اسارت 3/8/2014
9. خیال 3/8/2014
10. واژه 3/8/2014
11. Tonight The Nightest Night 3/8/2014
12. Pardon Me 3/8/2014
13. Double-Consciousness: An Ode To Eleven 3/8/2014
14. Love At First Sight 3/8/2014
15. In The Name Of Word 3/8/2014
16. A World Devoid Of War Is Just A Dream So Far 3/8/2014
17. A Portrait Of Eden 3/8/2014
18. Out Of Jouissance I 8/22/2014
19. Out Of Jouissance Ii 8/22/2014
20. An Ode To Madness 8/22/2014
21. I’m Wondering To Ask What Comes Out The Cask 3/8/2014
22. Let’s Forget About Past 3/8/2014
23. Everything Is Golden Yellow 3/8/2014
Best Poem of Ali Ashjaee

Everything Is Golden Yellow

Everything is golden yellow
Sky blue, yet the gaudy sun hardly blow
Amidst the golden yellow
Stretched to nowhere a furrow
Rutted long ago, awaiting 'morrow

Everything is golden yellow
A cold blow, crossed on stake
Barefooted, a trunk-hollow
Reflecting upon the furrow
Rutted long ago, awaiting 'morrow

Everything is golden yellow
A Glowing figure, flying near
A forlorn swallow, alas Nature bellow
''Don't befriend a scarecrow'
O Nature No! Can't await 'morrow

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I traversed through the universe
There I saw nothing but all in verse
Some versified with the tone of unhappiness
And some with the tone of mirth
All of a sudden one burst in verse
Where is the versifier of this versified universe?

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