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  • Ali Da Poet Make Da Pen Bleed (4/29/2013 9:12:00 PM)

    Alidapoet... Begin writing poetry in the mid 90s, a nd eventually started performance poetry 1997....ultimately his first performance was before 900 inmates at Northetn State Prison...where he received a standing ovation...and a certificate of creativity...However Alidapoet enjoys guiding other poets in the field of achieving their poetry aspirations and goals...currently Alidapoet Is in the process of self publishing three happens to be about PoetryAnd Wise quotations..written& Illustrated by him......Ali also host Alidapoets Open Mic Spot Group o& Erotica xpress train& Erotica Nasty Sweat...he also use his standard facebook psge as a instrument in the tool order to assist poet/ artist/ and people in general...his fb status is Alidapoet make da pen bleed of the most active/current/inciteful poets i know/ and i know a lot of them, but.i can.honestly say this poet is going places, and thats not to say he hasnt already arrived in that arena...

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Dropping Death Flowers

Looting! And tooting! Doing drive bye s shootings with guns no lessin the ghettoes yes... Forgetting about African- heroes and sheroes that paved the future African generations could live to see a better day... Young Lions dying! Crying! Scoping! Smoking! False in the eyes of a devils mentality....being kidnapped bye pol

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