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Ali green Poems

1. My Life As I Know It 7/15/2009
2. Why 7/15/2009
3. He*l Is Where I Belong 7/15/2009
4. Life 7/15/2009
5. Memories 7/15/2009
6. Someone Special 7/15/2009
7. Friends Till The End.. 7/15/2009
8. Its So Easy For Them To Say Stop 7/15/2009
9. Escape 11/19/2009
10. Expressionless Face 9/3/2015
11. Cant Stop 9/3/2015
12. The Drops Do Fall 9/3/2015
13. Waterfall 9/3/2015
14. A Cut Or Two 9/5/2015
15. Shadows 9/5/2015
16. Two People In Me 7/17/2009
17. Evil Twin 7/17/2009
18. Friends Are The Family We Choose 7/15/2009
19. Demons 7/15/2009
20. Where Can You Run To 7/15/2009
21. Dying Day 7/15/2009
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Why is it my memories haunt me
When i had kept then so hidden before
I thought i had managed to keep them away
And bolt them behind a closed door

The memories are as clear as glass
But still the words arent there
So i keep them bottled up
Because i thought no-one would care

But now my memories are out in the open
And all of them need to be said
All i need now is to speak out and talk
And the demons will leave my head

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Life is like a merry-go-round
Tossing you up and down
Sometimes you cant touch the ground
But in the end it all comes around

When friends and family cant hear
and your problems need to be said
Write them in your diary that has an ear
And your problems will leave your head

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