Ali Rahimi

Ali Rahimi Poems

1. Everyday Is A New Breeze 3/30/2015
2. Distance 3/31/2015
3. Do We Really Matter? 4/2/2015
4. Rain Or Shine 4/2/2015
5. She Got Into The Car 4/4/2015
6. A Wild Goose Chase 4/4/2015
7. Amused And Confused 4/5/2015
8. The Sleepwalker 3/28/2015
9. Ignite Your Fire 3/30/2015
10. From Malady To Remedy 4/8/2015
11. This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg 4/10/2015
12. Faux Pas! 4/10/2015
13. Godforsaken Happy Land! 4/13/2015
14. They Didn'T Do Our Hands Fair 4/13/2015
15. Why Are We Kept Waiting? 4/13/2015
16. Floating On Waves 4/20/2015
17. Different As Chalk And Cheese 4/20/2015
18. Pride: Vice Or Virtue? 4/20/2015
19. How Are You Dealing With Your Demons? 4/20/2015
20. Love, The Invader 4/23/2015
21. They Are Fed, They Are Always Fed 4/23/2015
22. If Only I Could, I Truly Would 4/23/2015
23. No Tainted Love 4/23/2015
24. They Stab You In The Back 4/23/2015
25. Unsinkable Titanic! 4/25/2015
26. A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss? ! 4/27/2015
27. Love At The Time Of Bombs 5/6/2015
28. An Image On Mirror 5/6/2015
29. Why Are You Running Away From Me? ! 5/6/2015
30. Fight Or Flight? 5/6/2015
31. The Precious Present 5/6/2015
32. Nine Parts Of The Universe 5/6/2015
33. Why Is The Door Closed? 5/6/2015
34. Poverty, Man's Catch 22 5/6/2015
35. What Does The Future Have In Store For Me? 5/15/2015
36. Digital Chromosomes 5/15/2015
37. They Are Planting Martyrs 5/15/2015
38. Better To Die On Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees! 5/18/2015
39. Why Don'T They Feel Ashamed? 5/18/2015
40. Catalizador 5/18/2015

Comments about Ali Rahimi

  • Jennifer Hunter (3/7/2017 8:40:00 AM)

    Hi, Ali, I've just come to your poems and know I'm going to enjoy them very much. A friend of mine suggested I take a look at them because he saw a similarity in yours to mine. I hope you may have a moment to look at a few of mine as well at http: //
    Best regards to you,

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  • Zahra Fahimi (3/9/2016 4:22:00 AM)

    His poems are simply fantastic , they excavate diverse issues of human nature, social ills, romance, emotions, frustrations, hope and what not. They are incredibly profound and enlightening and the discourse is no doubt impressive and astoundingly persuasive, his rhetoric is magically effective , he is well acquainted with literary figures and is able to employ them to the best of infuence.

  • Cameen Kettanun Cameen Kettanun (11/17/2015 12:27:00 AM)

    My most favorite poems are: Solitude, and Jamila Jolie. The juxtaposition of these two poems shows how the poet intelligently scrutinizes human spiritual and material desires that are part of our lives.

  • Mozhgan Zaiim (10/9/2015 1:33:00 AM)

    This poet has delved deep into the significant elements of life time and being in most revealing manner with an unparalleled style of employing stunning literary figures.He has delineated the whole range of human emotions, ideas, concerns and issues most impressively. I really enjoy reading his poems and get huge inspirations and insights.

  • Dr Tony Richards (10/8/2015 8:55:00 PM)

    Powerful, verbally resonant, richly evocative, beautifully crafted poems - deserving of a wide audience. As an Oxford University-trained literary analyst and university lecturer, I am mightily impressed and hope to see more from this clearly talented poet.

  • Svetlana Pesina (8/20/2015 5:20:00 PM)

    Dear reviewer is obviously got used to the “right” lyrics written by happy, uncritical self- and everybody-satisfied poet. Using plain comprehensible for everybody vocabulary, the latter would picture harmonious hearty relations between well-fed contented and joyful inhabitants of the rest non-English speaking world full of virtue.
    And if the respected critic knows great names “for what they are” he wouldn’t have missed Schopenhauer’s sorrowful observation that talented people hardly ever “win acceptance” in their lives.

  • Peter Benson (7/24/2015 3:36:00 AM)

    In some of his poems, he sounds like a person who fails to adapt, can't win acceptance, and therefore throws a tantrum blaming everyone else and the world for his own failure. He sounds condescending in his views. Some mythical names he refers to in the poems are not correct for what they are; this shows his inadequate knowledge of those figures. His effort to throw in less frequently used words to be linguistically impressive makes his poems lack sincerity.

Best Poem of Ali Rahimi

Return Of The Salad Days

What happened to your salad days?
We look back at our lives,
We live in the past,
We look at the mirror,
Our faces the mysterious museum of last encounters,
We go down the memory road,
The path of desires, hearts and minds,
Of shames, remorse, betrayal and guilt,
Of laughters, love, songs and cries,
Of rawness, and spiciness,
We suppress the shame, we shall survive,
Days of hot kisses, magnetic hugs, devilish touches,
Of beloved’s stories, secrets and scandals,
We want to reminisce on the importance of growing up,
To indulge in the joyful...

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Intellectual Wings

He wrote a treatise
On my intellectual shortcomings
I was in a miasma
Of despair and agony
Tried to fluff
My intellectual wings
But was confined
By the burdens of
My insular parochial mind

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