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Ali Rahimi Poems

81. I Need A You! 3/8/2016
82. Nihilism 3/8/2016
83. Red Hot From The Heart 3/8/2016
84. Pandora 3/8/2016
85. A Panegyric To Hedonism 3/8/2016
86. The Cure 3/8/2016
87. Keep Away Monster! 3/8/2016
88. Power And Ideological Purity 3/8/2016
89. Minus Nil 3/8/2016
90. Call A Spade A Spade! 3/8/2016
91. Malignant Time! 3/8/2016
92. Honor Killing 3/8/2016
93. Waterloo 3/8/2016
94. Scapegoat 3/8/2016
95. The Sleep Walker 3/8/2016
96. Survival Of The Worst! 3/8/2016
97. Find Your Path 3/8/2016
98. Why Don't You Tell Me What You Want Of Me? 3/10/2016
99. Everybody Wants To Save The World 5/15/2015
100. Architect Of Future, Master Of Fate 5/18/2015
101. Once! 4/9/2016
102. Manufactured Reality, Fabricated Perception And Constructed Conception 8/10/2016
103. Children Are Bundles Of Fun 5/18/2015
104. Intellectual Wings 3/28/2015
105. Love Or Suffering? ! 3/10/2016
106. We Shall Come Back 4/20/2015
107. They Walk Away 4/13/2015
108. A Beloved Chimera? 4/10/2015
109. I Want A World 5/15/2015
110. Return Of The Salad Days 3/30/2015
111. Trust Me! 4/8/2015
Best Poem of Ali Rahimi

Return Of The Salad Days

What happened to your salad days?
We look back at our lives,
We live in the past,
We look at the mirror,
Our faces the mysterious museum of last encounters,
We go down the memory road,
The path of desires, hearts and minds,
Of shames, remorse, betrayal and guilt,
Of laughters, love, songs and cries,
Of rawness, and spiciness,
We suppress the shame, we shall survive,
Days of hot kisses, magnetic hugs, devilish touches,
Of beloved’s stories, secrets and scandals,
We want to reminisce on the importance of growing up,
To indulge in the joyful...

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Ignite Your Fire

Dance to fire inside, celebrate,
Fierce forceful flood of full-blooded foray, liberate,
Fire of love and passion, that’s fortunate,
Bright days to anticipate,
We will celebrate, friend, eternal fun will dominate,
We are colourful, vibrant, joy will resonate,
Heart and minds we will captivate,
Fire to love, fire to capture fate, at any rate,
Let’s unite, let’s cooperate,

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