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Alice Perfect Poems

601. 5,000 Pages From Spiritual Books Condensed 3-Lines 10/7/2015
602. How To Be Happy And Gift Happiness Always! 10/7/2015
603. Using Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric- The Trivium (Notes To Kids) 10/8/2015
604. How Much Cash Does God Need? 10/8/2015
605. What Does Your Partnership Offer? 10/8/2015
606. Something God Can't Do 10/11/2015
607. I Wish I Had What You Have 10/11/2015
608. Order Followers Cannot Smoke Pot 10/11/2015
609. Logic And Poetry 10/12/2015
610. A Pre-Packaged Belief System 10/12/2015
611. The Highest Form Of Love (Beware Unearthly) 10/14/2015
612. When Appears A Suspect Fork In The Road... 10/14/2015
613. You Intentionally Bumped My Hand The Other Day 10/14/2015
614. Sex Is Always Naughty 10/14/2015
615. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.2 10/14/2015
616. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.3 10/14/2015
617. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.4 10/14/2015
618. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.5 10/14/2015
619. Sex Is Sooo Naughty Chpt.69 10/14/2015
620. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.6969 10/14/2015
621. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.7 10/14/2015
622. Sex Is Naughty 10/14/2015
623. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.9 10/14/2015
624. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.10 10/14/2015
625. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.11 10/15/2015
626. There Used To Be A Girl... 10/15/2015
627. Procreation Is For Sex 10/15/2015
628. Politicians Are Sexually Hungup Insipid Tyrants 10/15/2015
629. Politicians Are Slimy Horrific Indolent Turkeys 10/15/2015
630. A Nation Dying ~(Bone Soap Recipe) ~ 10/15/2015
631. Sex Is Naughty Chpt.12 10/15/2015
632. Balanced Brains Balances Couples 10/15/2015
633. Waiting For God's Anointment? 10/15/2015
634. How To Align With God 10/19/2015
635. By The Light Of The Palm Tree Shadows 10/19/2015
636. He Built His Own Cabin 10/19/2015
637. The Bovine And The Divine 10/19/2015
638. The Wind Chimes Of Fall, Life Rests 10/19/2015
639. Day Dreaming Peace For All 10/19/2015
640. Slaving For A Master Is Optional 10/20/2015
Best Poem of Alice Perfect

~~~woman, Man's Greatest Gift! Worship Her!

You have been loved, but WORSHIPED I'm doubtful,
Kindness extended, and nice words just a mouthful?

Many have felt love, in the head or in their pants,
But have you had love, that was a perpetual God dance?

Worship is a strong word, today kind of rare,
An old word, sounds lofty, and full of hot air?

I'm here on Earth,
as a god I do stand!
Here to re-educate women
and especially man!


Woman was made to be held up, toward heaven above,
to be valued and polished, as fine gold- pure love!

ALL of her thoughts, her ...

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Reckless Summers

Freedom breeds
reckless abandon of other's old rules,
Slavery conforms souls,
no allowance for fun,
nor toadstools!

Who the hell wrote the old rules for society?
They must have been stuck in an old world of sobriety!

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