Alice Perfect

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Alice Perfect Poems

1201. Why Beat Around Your Bush? 2/13/2015
1202. The Little Thinker, That Little Stinker! 2/28/2015
1203. Single Cell Humans (The Old Paradigm) 2/28/2015
1204. If Compassion Were In Fashion! (Nudity) 8/20/2014
1205. Vs.3 If I Were A Hippie... 2/6/2015
1206. Your Problem Is Your Solution, Or... 11/24/2014
1207. The Deeper Meaning Of Disneyland (Serious) 5/28/2014
1208. 'Take Off Your Sandals, For The Place Where You Are Standing Is Holy Ground.' 5/2/2014
1209. All Men Are My Brothers 2/27/2015
1210. Be Happy Or Suffer! ! ! 3/4/2015
1211. Why Tie Things To My Happiness? 3/5/2015
1212. Me N My Poems Aint Got No Rules 3/20/2014
1213. Be Drunk In Love ~rumi 7/12/2014
1214. A Good Family In A Bad City 2/11/2015
1215. My Forest Is Not Deep, But It Is Green 8/20/2014
1216. Old Glasses And New One-Ness 3/19/2014
1217. Love Like A Rock...Granite 6/15/2014
1218. Do Only What You Love, Always... 10/24/2014
1219. The Now Train Is Here 3/10/2015
1220. Browse 10,000 Single Asian Women On This Site... 10/11/2014
1221. The Roses Are Dead The Violets Are Too... 6/28/2014
1222. I Do It Cuz I'M F-In' Crazy! 4/18/2014
1223. Mexican Food With Jesus 11/22/2014
1224. Tasty Sounds Whispered 3/10/2015
1225. Lovingkindness! ! ! Yes! 10/21/2014
1226. I Fly, I Fly, I Fly Higher And Higher~~~ 7/30/2014
1227. I'll Be Happy When... (The Big Lie) 3/24/2015
1228. Back To Work! 3/6/2014
1229. A Love, Most Real, To Die For (Nsa) 3/12/2014
1230. Super Lover~~ Michael Mcparland! ! ! ! 12/17/2014
1231. Travel Well My Friend 3/6/2014
1232. Crazy People Do Crazy Things 8/30/2014
1233. I'll Watch You Wrinkle, And Smile 6/24/2017
1234. Lovers Are Poets And Poets Are Lovers 10/1/2014
1235. Love Poems About Love Poems About Love Poems About Love Poems About Love Poems About Love Poems About Love Poems About Love Poems About... 3/10/2014
1236. I Live Like A Dog 7/11/2014
1237. ~~~woman, Man's Greatest Gift! Worship Her! 3/21/2014
Best Poem of Alice Perfect

~~~woman, Man's Greatest Gift! Worship Her!

You have been loved, but WORSHIPED I'm doubtful,
Kindness extended, and nice words just a mouthful?

Many have felt love, in the head or in their pants,
But have you had love, that was a perpetual God dance?

Worship is a strong word, today kind of rare,
An old word, sounds lofty, and full of hot air?

I'm here on Earth,
as a god I do stand!
Here to re-educate women
and especially man!


Woman was made to be held up, toward heaven above,
to be valued and polished, as fine gold- pure love!

ALL of her thoughts, her ...

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Reckless Summers

Freedom breeds
reckless abandon of other's old rules,
Slavery conforms souls,
no allowance for fun,
nor toadstools!

Who the hell wrote the old rules for society?
They must have been stuck in an old world of sobriety!

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