Alice praises YHVH

Biography of Alice praises YHVH

I've been studying Gods word over the past 12 years now and still with each day I keep learning more and more, thanks to Shepherd's and Pastor Murry. I look to and find peace in Gods word and the abundence of knowlege in the chapter by chapter and verse by verse teachings. All of the poems that I have written, especially 'The key of David', I believe were by way of the Holy Spirit, and came from what I've learned from God's word. The Comforter, through 'Jesus Christ' does bring you comfort. Bless God and He will always bless you. Updates

Gods Angels

God places His angels for us here, to help, to guide, to calm our fears.
Though these angels we cannot see, we just know that thay must be.

Thay do Gods work without pay, thay give and share most everyday.

We're given them from the time of birth, and stay with us throughout our lives on earth.

Their work must stretch far and wide and never turn away, so thank our God for sending them by praising Him everyday.

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